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What I want for the 50th

a bit of a documentary of the show where they talk to all the former doctors (who are still alive), and all the former companions (who are still alive), and all the writers (who are still alive). and just talk about their time on the show, and everything (before and after them). 

I would love some in character interviews (kind of like how the interview with Amy, Rory, and River together, in character (that I think was part of the DW confidential with tWoRS)). Like hearing what the TARDIS thinks of things (written by some of the head writers, read by the actress from The Doctor’s Wife), or all the companions(by the living actors) together comparing their experiences with the doctor, and one thing I really want is one that is just the Doctor and River talking about their married life.

also if Rose and Tentoo aren’t back I would love a one off bit (written by Davis) about Rose, Tentoo, and the Tyler’s lives in the AU. just a cute little one off, maybe with a kid (what you know Rose and tentoo got married and might have a kid), their jobs at Torchwood, how Jackie adjusted and how Tony is (and if he believes any of Rose and Tentoo’s stories).

Also I want closure for the Ponds (even if it is just an in character interview with Amy and Rory about life in new york or a canon e-book, like how angels kiss was about how their lives are). it would just be cute seeing that they adopted, and they had a happy life, and that they never forgot about River (and maybe some mention of River visiting (I do have a theory about how, here)). Just some closure kind of like what we got for Martha, Donna, Jack, and Joan at the end of EoT. 

Don’t forget RTD’s New Show, Wizards VS Aliens airs today 5:15pm on the CBBC Channel


Btw Russel on a new interview said that Torchwood is not officially cancelled. And that the show can return sometime. Right now he is not doing anything Torchwood related. He is focused on Wizards VS Aliens.

On Sarah Jane adventures he said they thought for 5 seconds if they had to find a new lead for the show but that thought only lasted for these 5  econds, the show was over when Liz left us

On Torchwood, I am not sure that I really want torchwood back, I was never that fond of it (I felt that the extra sex and violence wasn’t needed for the plot). but I would LOVE it if RTD and Moffat worked together on the 50th (just because I think that would be a good idea) and if the Torchwood 3 team had a part in the 50th (ok really I just want everyone that they can bring back back, if I could bring Liz Sladen back from the dead I would sell my soul to the devil to bring her (and Sarah Jane) back for the 50th) 

and I might try Wizards v Aliens if it arrives on a subscription service i use (Amazon prime or Netflix) but I am not going to pay extra for it


Moffat’s the kind of writer who likes watching you suffer through his intricate plot twists and turns. RTD was the kind of writer who snuck up behind you, dropped a bombshell, and then ran away cackling into the night.

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Happy birthday!! You’ve made us cry countless of times and you and moffat are both gods! ;) 


Happy birthday!! You’ve made us cry countless of times and you and moffat are both gods! ;) 


Moffat vs. RTD arguments annoy me. It’s not like they’re the only writers who ever wrote for Who.’


Moffat vs. RTD arguments annoy me. It’s not like they’re the only writers who ever wrote for Who.’





If Moffat wants to top The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End he’ll have to bring back Rose, TenToo, Martha, Mickey, Luke, Jack, Ianto, Gwen and a whole lot of other characters and as much past doctors as possible for the 50th anniversary..



Here is what he should do. Three Doctors. they did it back in the old episodes, having the doc work with previous regenerations. but Just think about it. Nine, Rose, Jack, ten, Donna, Martha, eleven, River, and who ever Jenna will be playing. I mean it would be epic. But I guess we couldn’t have that super awkward situation with Rose and River unless if it is Rose from later on with tentoo. 

Scratch that. We need that awkward Moment and I guess we could only get it with Rose and Tentoo, and I would love to catch up with how things are going in the AU with them.

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Nothing Moffat does to Amy or Rory will ever be as bad as what RTD did to Donna.


DON”T SAY THAT. He might take it as a challenge. 

and he could do the whole mind wipe thing. I mean he could erase the Doctor, River, and Mels from Amy and Rory’s memory and maybe kill one of the Ponds, or have there relationship collapse after the memories are wiped because of god only knows what tangential memories got wiped with the ones he tried to wipe. 

Reasons I love Steven Moffat:

RTD: Bad Wolf story arc first mentioned in S1ep1, completely resolved in S1ep13 never to be a major plot point again.

Moffat: Silence Will Fall story arc first mentioned in S5ep1, two full series later and he's nowhere near finished.

Moffat: Who is River Song story arc first mentioned in S4ep9, mostly resolved (from what we know) in S6ep14, but who knows what is to come.


Nothing Moffat does to Amy or Rory will ever be as bad as what RTD did to Donna.

I don’t think anything could match what RTD did to donna. but as bad as it was you have to think at least she doesn’t have to compare a normal life to what she had on the TARDIS. 

Interviewer: Why do you think people love Doctor Who so much?

Russell T. Davies: Because it's the best idea ever invented in the history of the world.

The woman is the Doctor’s mother - SOURCE


This mystery has somewhat been solved by writer Russell T. Davies, in Doctor Who book The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter. Davies notes: “I like leaving it open, because then you can imagine what you want I think the fans will say it’s Romana. Or even the Rani. Some might say that it’s Susan’s mother, I suppose. But of course it’s meant to be the Doctor’s mother.”