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You know what’s dangerous about you? Something you make people take risks is you make them want to impress you. You make it so they don’t want to let you down. You have no idea how dangerous you make people to themselves when you’re around.

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What I want for the 50th

a bit of a documentary of the show where they talk to all the former doctors (who are still alive), and all the former companions (who are still alive), and all the writers (who are still alive). and just talk about their time on the show, and everything (before and after them). 

I would love some in character interviews (kind of like how the interview with Amy, Rory, and River together, in character (that I think was part of the DW confidential with tWoRS)). Like hearing what the TARDIS thinks of things (written by some of the head writers, read by the actress from The Doctor’s Wife), or all the companions(by the living actors) together comparing their experiences with the doctor, and one thing I really want is one that is just the Doctor and River talking about their married life.

also if Rose and Tentoo aren’t back I would love a one off bit (written by Davis) about Rose, Tentoo, and the Tyler’s lives in the AU. just a cute little one off, maybe with a kid (what you know Rose and tentoo got married and might have a kid), their jobs at Torchwood, how Jackie adjusted and how Tony is (and if he believes any of Rose and Tentoo’s stories).

Also I want closure for the Ponds (even if it is just an in character interview with Amy and Rory about life in new york or a canon e-book, like how angels kiss was about how their lives are). it would just be cute seeing that they adopted, and they had a happy life, and that they never forgot about River (and maybe some mention of River visiting (I do have a theory about how, here)). Just some closure kind of like what we got for Martha, Donna, Jack, and Joan at the end of EoT. 

HEAD CANON: River visits the Ponds (in New York)

OK I have talked about this before but this is my final bit about this that I will reference from now on. 

I believe that River (and a few passengers) could visit the Ponds by landing outside of the range of the Ponds temporal disturbance (which is why the TARDIS and maybe the Vortex Manipulator, have issue landing) and then taking local transport to visit the Ponds. Now this is for visiting only, if River picks up the Ponds to take them somewhere it could cause a paradox. River loves her family (Amy and Rory are the only people (that we know of) that she loves more than the Doctor) so NOTHING would stop her from seeing them.

Here is my evidence 
  • River says that her Vortex Manipulator can go where the TARDIS can’t (motorcycle through traffic)
  • The Ponds’ temporal disturbance can’t cover all of the world (the doctor has landed on earth between the 40’s and when ever the Ponds die)
  • River is as stubborn as a mule, so if she wants to see her parents she is going to see them, and if the Universe gets cooked she won’t care (she risked all of continuity and her own existence by wanting to be with her parents during their childhood, and she risked all of time just to save her crushes life)
  • she can do it with out creating the paradox (of seeing the tombstone)
  • Amy never said that the Doctor doesn’t visit, she said that it had been a while since she saw him (it is almost a hint that she does see him)
  • River kind of hints that she will make contact with Amy when Amy is stuck in New York (by saying that she will give Amy the book(to get it published), and if she gave it to Amy to publish in modern Leadworth then Amy should have recognized it in New York)
  • The doctor didn’t say that they couldn’t visit, he said that they couldn’t go and pick up Rory. and the reason he didn’t offer Amy a ride to meet up Rory is because he wouldn’t be able to let her go, he wouldn’t take her to Rory (and River would also have a hard time too)


It’s called marriage.


this hurts on a spiritual level

pond marriages, the mager cause of the universe being ripped a new one since the 1930s 

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Pond Family Christmas: part 2


“Wakey wakey sweetie” River said, still holding the doctor on her hip like a baby. she had one arm around his back and the other holding his bum both of which she was rubbing in attempt to wake him up (and to keep him warm in the cold night).

“um what just happened, we were at Rory’s house, now we are in a darn field, also you snogged and drugged a man I would call a friend. so PLEASE tell me WHERE are we” yelled Brian. 

“Oh grandfather its less of where and more of a when” replied River in a enigmatic voice “We are in upstate New York, about 15 minutes out side of a sleepy little hamlet called New Kent, it’s 10:30 on Christmas day of 1942, and we are waiting for dad to pick us up”

“So we just traveled in time?”

“Is the rest of our family this thick? Yes we did, we used a vortex manipulator. Simple hand held time travel. He hates it when I use it,”knoding to the doctor still resting on her shoulder “says it’s dangerous, he doesn’t want me to get hurt bless, but really I think he is just jealous that I can travel on my own, but he does have a bit of a point it does do a number on your insides”

“You keep insisting that you are my granddaughter, you are older than me and my only daughter in law can’t have kids”

“well I am part of the reason she can’t, I was consived inside the time vortex, I am the child of the TARDIS. Amy and I were taken, we were experimented on, manipulated, I became a different species and Mum became sterile. and just as the Dad and the Doctor came to save us I was taken farther away” River said, tiers started forming in her eyes.


“I was grown to be his equal” she said tilting her head towards the doctor

“So all this was a game of matchmaker?”

“No I wasn’t meant to be his wife, or his lover, or even his friend. I was grown, trained, and brainwashed to Kill him. but I found better things to do with him” 

Brian was shocked, This woman just told him that she was his daughter and she decided to basically tell him about her sex life.

“So you are his Girl friend?” Brian asked.

“Girlfriend? NO I am his WIFE.”

“Amy said he was ancient, isn’t he a little old for you? In fact how old are you?”

“No, I like older men, and the age that is a bit private don’t you think, but as you are family I will tell you, I am 302. looking good for it don’t you think” she wanted to do a little twirl but she still had a doctor on her hip. “I don’t age, or at least not like humans do, nether of us do. its how our species is”

“gosh he is taking for ever to wake up, I think I might have used too much this time” River says in a worrying tone.

“how often do you drug him?”

“oh I only sedate him like once a month, sometimes when I want something special, or when ever I take him someplace (he is a pain to take by VM).” River says like it is nothing at all, she wanted to add about how she sometimes uses halocinogiens on him in the bedroom (perfectly safe of course), but she didn’t want to freak him out.

a car started pulling up to the field. it was a black coupe that fit the era, but was still top of the line. 

Rory pulls the car right up the the trio. River opened one of the back doors and slid The doctor into the back seat. She then Ran to her father and gave him a hug that he thought would crush his ribs (not knowing that River really could crush every bone in his body if she wanted too).

“Hey Dad, glad you could make it” Rory said finally free of River’s embrace, offering his hand to Brian. 

Brian takes the hand, a bit speechless. the hand shake moved to an embrace.

while Brian and Rory were busy hugging River had slipped into the back seat next to her husband. 

“We can finish greetings when we get out of the cold” River said a bit impatient because her dress was thinner and more exposing then was appropriate for the weather.



they were so parental towards her and she is so childlike and it’s perfect because they’re like a family without being like a family

also how the hell did we not realise she was river

rebloging for that ^^

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Rory Williams character study: Doing it properly

A tiny little character detail I always loved- Rory’s respect for the dead. Whether it’s because of his nurse’s training or some deeper reason, he’s always quietly adamant that things are done properly. Returning Alaya back to her kind, covering up the Doctor, pushing the funeral boat out to sea…whether the dead person in question is a friend or an enemy he treats them the same.

And, in The Big Bang Rory doesn’t get really angry with the Doctor until he casually steps over Amy’s dead body. Watch his face and body language! You can see how this is a man who’d willingly protect his true love’s corpse for two thousand years.


Writer Amy! Doctor Rory! And I like to think that guy in the hat is Anthony, although I know it’s Rory really.
I bet River was taking most of those pictures.



Writer Amy! Doctor Rory! And I like to think that guy in the hat is Anthony, although I know it’s Rory really.

I bet River was taking most of those pictures.