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holy fuck, she is bracing for regeneration. she might have split in two. her neural trace splinting into a second River while her body continuing (using a spare regeneration the doctor gave her just in case). 

Can we just talk about

How River needs to know about (and meet) her step-daughter. 

I mean that is something I NEED. 

I think Moffat might do it as well. he saved Jenny (read the IMDB trivia for Doctor’s Daughter it says that Moffat was the one who convinced the writer to have Jenny live at the end) and a lot of the other things he has done have all had a reason. so I think he will bring Jenny back for an episode or two.

and who wouldn’t want the last three Timelords (that we know of) being together (off and on) as one small wibbly wobbly family. I think that River and Jenny would get along great (once River gets over a small bit of anger over not knowing and once she finds out that Jenny is just the Doctor’s daughter and not the child of a previous companion (River does get a bit jealous)). I mean just look how Jenny acts, if that episode came after we knew River and we didn’t see how Jenny was made it would be more obvious that Jenny was River’s daughter than the Doctor’s.

so ya River and Jenny (Smith, not Jenny Flint) needs to be a thing, we need them together in an episode. because they would be great together and you know that Jenny is out there looking for her father (and who else would she ask but the only expert on the Doctor and Timelords, Professor River Song).



  • Strax, the Sontaran, is brought back to life from A Good Man Goes to War.
  • Clara is brought back to life in different time period(s).
  • River Song in The Library better be next.

Pointing out the obvious, Moffat.


YES. also we need to know who brought back Strax (and how). 

I don’t think Moffat believes in death. he brought back Strax and Clara, he brought the ponds back on more than one time.

so ya River won’t die. she is the favorite. 

so if anyone gets their story book ending with the love of their life it’s River. 


Is anyone else scared that River won’t be in the new seasons? I would miss her so much. And I feel like the Doctor is just going to leave her even though they’re fracking married and idk man I just WANT TO SEE BABIES HAPPEN AND THIS CLARA BITCH CAN GO BACK TO COLONIAL TIMES POOPOOHEAD

first off it has been confirmed that River will be back sometime in 2013 (not specified if in the next half season, the 50th special, or both(my personal favorite)). 

also I am willing to bet that till we see the singing towers we can be sure that River will keep coming back. because moffat will want us to experience the emotional torture of watching the singing towers. and River might come back for an adventure or two after the towers (so we can watch the doctor fall apart seeing her after she has died). 

now as for timebabies I hope we get them but I am less sure. and if we don’t get timebabies we NEED Jenny back and for her to meet River. because that would be funny as hell seeing River deal with a step-daughter she never knew about. 

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In The Empty Child, Jack says that he woke up with two years of his life erased from his memory.

What if them two years involved him and Eleven? And in true Moffat fashion, Jack found out things that he was never meant to know, or Eleven had to something drastically bad to him that would lose his trust, but knowing that he helps him during his ninth and tenth incarnations, Eleven must therefore send him to have his memory of such events removed?

You gotta think like your writer here.

that is amazing. I would love that (mostly because that means we get to see young jack, and maybe jack and River in one episode that would be epic as the doctor has to stop jack from flirting with River)



So in “A good Man goes to war” Rory goes to see River, but hes to late in her timeline and she wont come, but she also is surprised to see him Right? 

We never did get an explanation as to why that was and alot of people think its because River saw Amy and Rory get trapped in the past. 

Sadly that is not possible, as that version of River was in fact already out of prison.


That didnt stop the Doctor telling River, when he picked her up for her birthday that he had just lost them, he told her because they were her parents and she deserved to know. 

Thats why she was so willing to let Amy go back to Rory, because the Doctor had already told her Amy was going to do it. 

What do you think?

I like this theory. this also means that even if River in AtM was a day away from the library we could still get more River. 

Ok just a thought…

what if why the alternative ending was canned is that Moffat wants to rip our hearts out again. and bring up these feels at x-mas. here is how I can see it go down:

he has River and the Doctor visit Brian for x-mas dinner. with them not knowing about Anthony.

so when they knock at the door Brian invites them in for dinner (not knowing River, but a friend of the Doctor is a friend to Brian and River seems like more than a friend of the Doctor’s). 

River and the Doctor sit down at the table with Brian with the Doctor on the break of tears. and Brian says “I all ready know” and he tells the Doctor and River about Anthony saying that Anthony and his family will be over soon. Rivers eyes light up a bit knowing that her parents adopted another child and now she is officially a big sister. and out loud she says “you mean I have a brother?” at which River and the Doctor have to explain that River is also Brian’s granddaughter and the Doctor’s wife. 

after Brian gets over the shock of suddenly having a large extended family. he hugs River and the Doctor saying with a family welcome and excitement about having a real family even if he lost his son and daughter in law. 

my reasoning about this is that Moffat would want to do the reversal on the ponds not being able to raise a child (other wise why would he make it a big deal, well I guess he could have a huge moment with Amy and River but he didn’t real have that). and why would he chose not to give us those feels when he loves ripping our hearts to peaces.


hey guys, if The Moff mirrored their situations on purpose, does that mean that River’s physically alive too? And The Moff is off in a corner trolling us because he gave us all the clues… And during the Singing Towers episode she’s going to be like “LOLOLOLOL this is when i tell you that i’m still alive, we already did the library, jokes on youuuu.” And that’s why he cries, from frustration. 

I could see Moffat doing that. also there is a lot of evidence that more happened in the library than we saw. 

and to make it a bigger joke the singing towers don’t exist, River just made them up to make it an even bigger troll 

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In reality: Moffat came up with the name River Song first; when he created the companion who would be her mother (having already developed that backstory when he created River), he wanted a name to tie with River’s.  He chose Pond, but he wasn’t going to name the companion Pond Amy.  Also, putting the connection name as the surname better hid that connection until the reveal.

Within the DW universe: the Doctor, Amy, and Rory could absolutely tell Melody in Berlin and afterwards to call herself Song River and she would have. She didn’t know any differently. They choose not to do that, because they like River Song. Especially the Doctor with the say he saysRivah. :)

Here’s another name reference:

Within the DW Universe: the Silence and the Church would never keep her name Melody Pond in public.  Makes it too easy to track her.  So they change her last name to Zucker in Leadworth.

In reality: Why did Moffat give Mels the last name Zucker? Well, Zucker means sugar.  Sugar means sweet. Sweet as in “Hello, Sweetie”. ;)

No matter what name she used, Moffat always tied it to who she is.

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He just talks about Atoms, and aliens, and stuff… 

No, Matt, he’s 1,200 now and don’t you remember what happened back in April 2011 when you said The Doctor would never get married?

He got married in October 2011.

So does this mean since now you’ve said he and River don’t have sex, they’re going to have a baby?

Pretty much.

I so WISH Moffat still had his twitter account! Can you imagine the comment he’d make with his sense of humor?  LOL!

Update: I bow to wilfulwilf’s tags!

#Like River would be up for atom discussions in bed #water u smokin Matthew?

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Just a reminder that Doctor has a daughter who is still alive and still at least part Time Lord



Are they just never going to mention this again?

this is one of my theories about Moffat’s endgame.

Amy keeps asking if the doctor has ever had kids. so I think this might be part of moffat’s end game. A is that River is with child, B is that he is going to bring back Jenny.


Subtly different to RTD’s
*Thing happens*
“But that’s impossible!”

that is why I expect the ponds to have a child in angels take manhattin 


Subtly different to RTD’s

*Thing happens*

“But that’s impossible!”

that is why I expect the ponds to have a child in angels take manhattin 





  • *lightbulb flickers while amy’s talking to her makeup artist*
  • “at long last, it’s christmas!”
  • "eggs..eggs..extermanate"


  • *lightbulb not fitting at rory’s house*
  • “dad, I’m 31, I don’t have a christmas list anymore.”
  • *the nest with eggs*


  • *lightbulbs flickering and in the wrong time period*
  • “has someone been peeking at my christmas list?”
  • *the space ship looks like an egg*


I am making some edits for the references to eggs too.

seriously though we are nuts if we really think these will end up meaning something, I mean the only hope I have is that in the x-mas special the doctor gets something from his list (maybe from clara/oswin or maybe River, what I would love to see River giving him a hat)

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all this tragic talk of Amy’s motherhood best be building up to a sob-worthy moment between Amy and River that I will be able to cherish in post-Pondom

or for a moffat 180 where Amy is with child again. 

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