"Not sure if I am an evil genius, or just someone who watches too much TV"

I am a Texas college student (studying Management of Information Systems), and I am a Tech enthusiast, computer geek and sci-fi fan.

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I queue most posts but will do a post dump about once every few weeks.

and since this seems to be the main question you guys ask I am 5'6" tall, so ask me other things (funner things) also before you ask I am taken.


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Yeah we don’t use the term ‘commerical’ in Britain but it just fit better somehow

Oh Three, you had me at hello.

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    I’m sure Benton and Yates will be willing to occupy Bessie’s back seat while the Doctor and the Brigadier are busy in...
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    Bessie’s feeling abandoned and sad at the moment, because she does have a back seat, and it’s being ignored…
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    Dude. Car sex. I mean, I guess technically there isn’t a backseat, but still.
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    …drive like me? I don’t know, because I’m not sure the appeal of Mr. Pertwee is entirely about his driving abilities,...
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    The man your man could drive like.
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