"Not sure if I am an evil genius, or just someone who watches too much TV"

I am a Texas college student (studying Management of Information Systems), and I am a Tech enthusiast, computer geek and sci-fi fan.

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I queue most posts but will do a post dump about once every few weeks.

and since this seems to be the main question you guys ask I am 5'6" tall, so ask me other things (funner things) also before you ask I am taken.


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ah I love this episode, probably my favorite “independent” episodes of series 4. 

yes i do classify DW episodes into three types

  • independent- no major dependencies other than who the TARDIS crew is(and basic plot/tech). great for showing a friend as a sample
  • supporting - little to no dependencies but are later very important to core episodes 
  • core - massive dependencies you shouldn’t be allowed to see them till you  watch most supporting episodes(or at least get an over view from a friend) or have someone who has near by to pause and explain them (till series 6 it usually only was the last 2 or 3 episodes of the series)

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